Custom Archery sight rings


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Ever had a sight ring you wish was a bit bigger or smaller, or a different color? Or just need a replacement but cant find one the right size? We can make sight rings to your specifications. Just put in an order and send us an email with the inner and outer diameter (see pic) and we will make it up for you. Its up to you how you want to attach it. Silicon or a good quality double sided tape (3M) are good options. Our rings have a textured side and a smooth side so if the smooth side is to shinny for you, you can flip it around. If your using glue the textured side will help with sticking. Standard rings are quite rigid but we can also make rubbery ones if you prefer. There’s also luminous ones but these cost a bit more. Its a good idea to get a few different sizes around the size you think you need so you can find the one that’s just right without having to order another one or in case your setup changes.