Archery torch plus holder. Screws into where your front stabilizer would normally go. Powerful neodymium magnets are inside the holder and also built into the back of torch for quick removal of the torch. The magnets are so strong you can walk with the bow upside down and the torch wont fall out. This arrangement is the best solution yet to bowhunting at night because you can use the torch in your hand for spotting then quickly slide it back into holder when your ready to shoot. The torch is a variable width beam so all you have to do is adjust beam wide enough to cover your shooting zone. The torch clicks as you adjust the beam width so by remembering how many click’s you need you can adjust to the desired beam width without actually turning the torch on. Ideal for those stealth hunting situations. It shoots great because the torch also acts as a stabilizer so its also good for night target shooting. The torch is rechargeable with the micro-usb cable included. The tube is 31mm diameter which means the holder will take any of the large range of torches designed for 30mm scope rings. We can also make custom size holders without a torch. Just send us an email for a quote.