Imagine spending years hunting that prize sambar stag only for the shot to ruined by peep twist or a bad sun angle! And even if the environment and your equipment co-operate you might end up in an awkward shooting position or nerves might cause you to miss your anchor points. Its those times that error margins come into play. The resonate peep design increases those margins. This does not mean being lazy with setting up your peep sight. You should still set it up as accurately as possible to maximize those margins. So say for example your peep has 10 degree error margin and has 5 degree twist after setting it up that’s half you margin gone on one side before you even start tramping through the bush. People think of peep alignment as rotation in the horizontal plane but of course there’s also vertical alignment which is where factors like brace height, draw length and axel to axel length come into play as well as human factors like touch/anchor points. One should also try to achieve the best vertical alignment they can because this also maximizes the error margins. Besides error margins it also produces the best visualization of the peep alignment to the scope ring possible for more consistent and accurate shooting.

                                                      Correct string angle peep.

In a way getting this alignment system right is more important than expensive arrows because that’s what determines where they go. These reasons are why peep string angle is important and why the resonate peep has been designed with 6 string angle options instead of often only two.

So how do you check/fix your peeps vertical alignment? The most definitive way is take a photo from the side. You can then use an angle app that measures angles in photos. You can also have a look yourself by taking your face off the string at full draw and having a look. You wont be able to accurately determine your string angle that way but you will be able to see if you need more or less angle than what you currently have. So If for example you are using a 33 degree peep and you can see your peep is pointing down a bit relative to the sight ring at full draw then you would try a 30 degree peep. If its pointing up a bit you would try a 36 degree peep (see below).

There’s also a formula which is a pretty good guide.

Φ = ARCTAN[(AL/2)/(DL-BH)]




So for example an Axel to Axel= 35, Draw length=30, Brace height=6 gives ARCTAN(17.5/24) = 36.1, so you would try the 36 string angle peep.

The resonate peep sight is a smaller package and weights less than a “total peep” of the same aperture size. It has the same benefits in terms of peep twist but has more string angle options and costs less (see below).

Every resonate peep sight is embossed with its string angle and aperture size to make life easy when trying different ones. .

Each sight is also finished by hand. Designed and made in Australia