Prime Tuner Kit fits Prime Nexus and Black series


Prime Tuner Kit includes Justo tool, I4 stops and JP2 Pin


Prime Tuner Kit includes Justo tool, I4 stops and JP2 Pin



Finally, a tool designed to adjust sliding draw stops Easily, Accurately, and Repeatably that can be used in the shop, field, or on a coarse.

  • Set your bow to how you want it with confidence
  • Adjust your stop in increments as small as .oo2 ,this is 12X more precise than our rotating 4 sided stop!
  • Easy to read scale system, similar to reading target sight
  • Symmetrical design allows setting of top and bottom stop identical or in precise positions on non symmetric cams
  • Modular design to adapt to future bow designs
  • Will fit most sliding stop cams
  • Nickle plated and anodized finish
  • Made in USA

The Justo takes the guess work out of setting your stops.  Record the current setting of the stop, make an adjustment, and shoot.  If you don’t like it, make another adjustment or simply return the stop to where you had it, no more guessing.

How to use:

  1. Rough set draw stop on cam to manufacture specs.
  2. Insert the pin side of the Justo into either the slot section of the cam, a tooling hole or a cutout in the cam.
  3. Rotate the knob until the Vee section contacts the stop.
  4. Record the number.
  5. Set the Justo up in the same hole in the opposite cam.
  6. Slide that stop into the Vee section and tighten the stop.
  7. Remove the Justo and sync your cams at full draw by adjusting the cables ,do not move the stops at this point.
  8. You now have a base number you can return to, after shooting the bow you can adjust the stops.
  9. From your base number rotate the knob the desired amount, 1 click = .002”, recommended moving 10 clicks to start.
  • To obtain more valley, let-off, longer draw length move stop towards longer draw length. “Less Aggressive”
  • To obtain less valley, let-off, shorter draw length move stop towards shorter draw length. “More Aggressive”


I4 Stops

  • Will Fit Prime Nexus and Black Series Bows
  • Includes Justo, JP2 pin, 2 Stops and 2 Mounting Screws
  • Size I4 is Ø.400
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Made in USA


JP2 pin

  • Justo replacement pin designed to fit inside Prime Parallel cams like the Prime Black series.
  • Pin Width .55″
  • Pin diameter .16″
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 4.25 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 0.1 cm

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